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Four girls arounf their great-grandmother, who is holding a white dove for them to pet
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I'm an artist and public historian, based in Tiohti:áke (Montreal), telling and listening to stories about immigration, identity, collective memory, food, and folklore, particularly in relation to the Italian-Canadian experience and traditions from my family's region, Molise.


I graduated twice from Concordia University with a BFA in Studio Arts and an Italian minor, and a BA in Honours Public History. In 2019, I completed my masters in Public History at Carleton University. My research project, The Yellow Line: Italo-Canadian Oral Histories from Montreal's Backyards and Schoolyards​, was an archival photo, installation, and oral history pop-up exhibit, presented at the Casa d’Italia in March 2019.

My work is about imagining and remembering, and sometimes imagining memories. Art is a space in which I have explored themes of memory, nostalgia, identity, and autobiography. My work as a public historian is inspired and informed as much by these explorations as the theories and methodologies of historical work. My practice is multi-disciplinary, bringing together my training as an oral historian, with installation art and digital media.

Currently, I am teaching in the department of History and Classics at Dawson College and always looking for opportunities to collaborate and engage in public history work through museums, archives, and organizations that value innovative, interactive, diverse, and meaningful engagements with history, culture, and heritage. My latest longterm project is an oral history cookbook on the stories and recipes of Montreal's molisani, which I am working on in collaboration with the Federazione delle associazioni molisane del Quebec, photographer and artist Vee Di Gregorio, chef Joseph D'Alleva, and pastry chef Erica Marsillo.

See my c.v.

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