quilt (in progress)

embroidery floss, beads and felt on cotton

A quilt, passed down from generation to generation, always in progress, each square representing a stepping stone, a notch in the belt. A history of romance and some regrets in stitch.

Working on it now for my dowry. 

Make me a mix tape, baby (2013)

wool, embroidery floss
woven cassettes with encoded song titles

Mix tapes, the symbol of true love. Is there anything more romantic? Here is my ultimate mix tape, yours to decode. 

The Soundtrack Dress: Romcom Edition (2013)


various fabrics, sensors, arduino


Bring your romcom dreams to reality with this edition of the soundtrack dress. Technology, fashion and romance combine to create this piece, sure to make you the beautiful ingenue of your very own love story. Here's how it works: 


1. Walk down the street, confidence is key. When you feel that it's the right moment, turn gracefully. A handsome man will spot you from a few metres away as the motion sensor activates Love's theme by Barry White.

2. But you won't notice him right away, and he won't have the guts to come up to you. Have faith. He'll find you. The next time you step out for an office party, he'll be at the bar. You'll see him this time and, damn, he's hot. The heat sensor will activate and Richard Hawley's Baby you're my light will play.

3. Wow, what a connection you two share. It's the stuff of movies. Too bad he hasn't kissed you yet. Don't fret: he's waiting for the right moment. Maybe it takes you three or four chance run-ins to realize that it's fate. As he puts his hands on your waist, the touch sensor activates The Cranberries' Dreams.

bitches in stitches (2013)


dollhouse, pillow, burn book, friendship bracelets, uniform


viv's uniform
discharge printed fabric with embroidery


burn book

photographs, embroidery in notebook


"The Tactility of Objects: A Retrospective," group show (2013)

install at Les territoires

e. (2013)

burlap, string, led lights

Maybe the only serious thing I've made. An apology, probably coming too late, but also a reminder to not make the same mistake again.

artdolls (2012)

four handmade dolls (various hand-dyed fabrics, fabric paint, accessories) and a brochure


Ever wanted to learn more about the art world, but were too scared to get involved in such a dangerous milieu? I have the answer for you: Artdolls! Learn about the culture and habits of happening all-male artists like the madman, the bohemian, the art star, and the philosopher without having to tarnish your reputation. These dolls will be the perfect conversation starters at your next dinner party. Stowe away your coffee table books and make room for this fab foursome!

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