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A few things I offer. Contact me with any questions or inquiries.


1 / Subscribe to my monthly newsletter coming Spring 2022. Crivellando will explore the history, traditions, and folklore of Molise, the southern Italian region of my ancestors. I will approach these musings through autobiographical reflections, food, collective memory, and my training as an oral and public historian.


Along with the monthly text, each free subscription will include a detailed bibliography and resources for further learning (both academic and non-academic). Paid subscriptions will include an accompanying digital artwork and tarot pull reflecting on the research and folklore discussed in the newsletter.

2 / Book an introduction to oral history presentation. A detailed overview of what oral history is and why it matters, with examples and relevant tips for students wanting to conduct interviews for class projects. This presentation was created for the context of a high school history course, but can be adapted for various levels. Contact me for sliding scale rates.

3 / Hire me as an oral historian. I am available for freelance oral history work on a sliding scale basis. I have experience interviewing in English, French, and Italian. I have been trained in oral history methodology and I have my own tech.

4 / Hold a consultation with me for an oral history project. I am available to help consult if you are planning your own oral history initiative. I have experience planning, organizing, and executing projects in both academic and non-academic settings. This can also include producing the required documentation, such as consent forms and recruitment documents. Contact me for sliding scale rates. 

5 / Hire me to make digital art / graphics for your website or initiative. I've designed social media campaigns, personal branding, and other products. See my portfolio and contact me for sliding scale rates.

6 / Let's work together! I'm always looking for opportunities to collaborate and engage in creative public history work through museums, archives, and organizations that value innovative, interactive, diverse, and meaningful projects on history, culture, and heritage. Please, send me an e-mail for these types of inquiries.

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