Pure Spring Story Map for Lost Ottawa (2018)


As part of my internship for Lost Ottawa, from June-August 2018, I was always struck by the nostalgia the community had for Pure Spring, an Ottawa-based soft drink bottling company that was sold to Crush in the 60s, and was produced until the 80s. Community members often reminisced about the flavours - some as strange as EXPO Chocolate, created specifically for Expo 67 - and the corner stores where they would buy their cans and bottles. I wanted to write an article for the Lost Ottawa website about this company, but soon realized that you can quickly find tons of resources about it already (Wikipedia, Ottawa Citizen, the Ottawa Jewish Archives). I didn't want to add more of the same, so I decided to invite the Lost Ottawa community to collaborate on a map asking "Where's Pure Spring in Lost Ottawa?" This will not only be a collection of places around the city (that are mostly lost), but personal stories from the people who love and miss this local company. 

390 Richmond Road, 1968. City of Ottawa Archives. CA024199


Balconies (2018)


Balconies is a project that came out of a course called Narrativity and Performance at Carleton. Working with old photos and a website called imaginary landscapes, I created this video and performed a short text.


Read more and watch the video on the blog.


Ottawa Love Stories (2018)


Where do Ottawa’s love stories take place? And what do these places sound like? Ottawa Love Stories: A Sonic Adventure Map is an interactive work in progress featuring crowd-sourced stories. Each story forms a unique path through the city, connecting all the significant landmarks of that relationship. These paths are then transformed into songs.


Read more about the process on the Github project page.





What colour is home, series (2017)


interviews + illustration + photoshop

I interviewed 5 of my friends about Home and created these pieces based on their answers.


Read more on the blog.

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