Walk, talk, & fried chicken

I'm officially back to full-time work for the summer, and it's great! This week, I was inspired by the many "alternative walking tours" I experienced and heard about during my time in Europe. When I got back, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that we have plenty of these tours in Montreal too. As I'm working with the teens at the camp, we get to go on special outings every other week. So I decided to hold a walking tour of my own for my small group.

The idea is to visit places that are not necessarily on your typical tourist map, and places that you don't necessarily visit as Montrealers. Although many people visit Little Italy, not many know about the history of these buildings, places and areas.

I decided to stick to Little Italy because I already know quite a bit about the area's history. Also because I really wanted to eat at Triple Crown. We started at Casa d'Italia, where I spoke about the Italian community during WWII and the internment of many Italian Canadian men throughout the time. Then we went to the Jean-Talon Market and looked around, while talking about its history and looking at pictures of what it was in its beginnings.

Walking down Henri-Julien, we reached the church of la Madonna della Difesa. I wanted to bring them inside to look at the frescoes, but there was a funeral. So definitely no venturing in for a tour.

Lastly, we walked down Dante street towards Saint-Laurent, taking a break in Dante park where we snapped a photo with the sculpture, talked about Pizzeria Napoletana and they even shared what they knew about Dante's works with me. It was sooo nice (and relieving) to see that they actually wanted to discuss, and had questions.

After walking down Saint-Laurent, we walked back to Dinette Triple Crown for an amazing picnic lunch. I'm still thinking about those fried sweet potatoes.

It was such a great experience, and I wish I could do more of these tours with them! 

#montreal #walkingtour #littleitaly #friedchicken #artistorian

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