Italian-Canadian Uprising!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Montreal Italians: Visit @italcanadiansforblacklives, follow them, and register for their webinar tonight at 7pm. Samantha Pinto will talk about the “Italian Diaspora and White Supremacy.” Italian-Canadians for Black Lives is a group based in Ontario working to contextualize the Italian diaspora in white supremacy & amplify the Black community in Vaughan.

I’m organizing a group chat immediately afterward to debrief with fellow Montreal Italians. The idea is to organize a similar group locally. We’ll talk through our ideas, concerns, and hopes for moving forward. It’s time for an alternative to the Italian community’s old guard in this city. It’s time to have conversations about & face the racism and discrimination within our own community. It’s time for white Italian-Canadians to confront our white privilege and acknowledge that we need to do better for our BIPOC friends, family, and community members as a whole.

There is no set agenda for this meeting. Let’s just talk, introduce ourselves, see where our strengths lie, and start organizing. Send an email to to get the link for the chat.

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